Book this transformative experience for your customers!

Book this transformative experience for your customers!

We are thrilled to bring you "The Art of Leapfrogging - How to Discover Your Purpose' a live virtual event featuring the renowned former Head of Microsoft's corporate philanthropy, Dr. Akhtar Badshah.

This exclusive event promises to be an inspiring journey towards discovering your true purpose and unlocking a world of possibilities.
Discovering your purpose, as Akhtar explains, is more than just a personal revelation.

You will learn how to...

Gain ClarityLearn how discovering your purpose can provide clarity and direction
in both your personal and professional lives.

Unlock PotentialUnderstand how aligning your actions with your purpose can
unlock untapped potential and drive success.

1 hr Show - Running Order

15 minute fireside chat with Akhtar
“How To Discover Your Purpose” – Workshop Live
Speed networking

Presented and hosted by Maxwell
The event kicks off with a captivating 15-minute fireside chat with Dr. Akhtar Badshah, providing attendees with insights into his own journey and the importance of purpose in today's world.
Following the chat, Akhtar will lead a transformative workshop where you will embark on a series of
thought-provoking exercises designed to help you discover your unique purpose.
The event concludes with a dynamic speed networking session, offering you the chance to connect with fellow participants and possibly share your newly discovered purpose.

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"We believe that everyone has the potential to make a meaningful impact in their own way. This event with Dr. Akhtar Badshah,
is a rare opportunity to tap into your inner purpose and gain the inspiration needed to leapfrog towards your goals."

Maher Kaddoura
CEO and Founder - The Art of Leapfrogging