Maher Kaddoura's life, a unique blend of passion, resilience, and innovation, has paved a path for transformative experiences and meaningful contributions to the world. A native Jordan and holding a cherished Palestinian heritage, Maher's eclectic experiences have shaped a life commited to creating lasting impact.

Igniting the Flame: Early Passions and Influences
As a young boy scout, an emerging entrepreneur, and an ardent traveler, Maher discovered three pivotal passions that would guide his life's trajectory: service, business innovation, and exploration. These formative experiences ignited a fire in Maher that would influence his future endeavors.

After earning a Civil Engineering degree from Nottingham University, Maher ventured into the corporate world, ultimately rising to the rank of Managing Partner of Accenture. However, an insatiable desire for growth and innovation propelled him to leave his comfortable position and establish successful consulting firms. These professional leaps amplified Maher's career, proving his belief in passion and discipline as guiding principles.

Transforming Loss into Legacy: The Birth of Hikmat Road Safety Program
In the face of profound personal tragedy, the loss of his son Hikmat in a hit-and-run incident, Maher demonstrated extraordinary resilience. He channeled his grief into establishing the Hikmat Road Safety Program, a testament to his indomitable spirit and commitment to turn travesty into positive action. The initiative has since brought significant safety improvements and has created safe recreational spaces for Jordan's children.

An Adventurer at Heart: A World of Experiences

A global citizen explorer, Maher has journeyed through over 90 countries. His deep-seated love for travel signifies his thirst for knowledge and unwavering commitment to personal growth. These diverse experiences have not only enriched his worldview but also profoundly influenced his professional pursuits.

Sharing Wisdom: Empowering Through Knowledge

Maher's wealth of knowledge and experiences is the cornerstone of his mission to empower others. Serving as a consultant, speaker, and author, he shares his wisdom with the world, inspiring others to unlock their potential and achieve extraordinary outcomes. His work continues to foster a positive impact on countless individuals and organisations worldwide.

Living Life to the Fullest: Embracing Challenges and Opportunities

Maher's life is a testament to living life on the edge, fearlessly embracing challenges, and seizing every opportunity for growth and transformation. His journey demonstrates the transformative power of daring to venture beyond one's comfort zone, thus underlining his belief in the power of resilience.

Democratising Leapfrogging: A New Global Narrative

One of Maher's most profound commitments is to democratise the concept of leapfrogging, transforming it into a global narrative. He believes in the power of leapfrogging as a means to foster innovation and accelerate growth. His life's work aims to make this empowering strategy accessible to individuals, organisations, and societies worldwide, revolutionising the way we approach personal and professional development.

Inspiring Generations: Building a Legacy

Reflecting on his life's journey and the lives he's touched, Maher remains dedicated to creating a legacy of inspiration and empowerment. His life story serves as a beacon, illuminating the power of passion, resilience, and human connection to transform the world. His story motivates us to dare to dream, take the leap, and strive to make a positive difference in the world.