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Join the community  and be part of a stellar cast of people with purpose. From Astronauts and rocket scientists, to effective entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and people who have dedicated their lives to saving our planet.
The leapfrogging members are a diverse group of individuals, intent on improving future outcomes. Join the community and connect with like-minded people. The leapfrogging community is waiting to welcome you.

Feature in our books

If you have a story to share, joining the community will give you a unique opportunity to align with some of the best and brightest. As a leapfrogger, we would welcome you to impart your experiences and wisdom by being featured in The Art of Leapfrogging book series.


With regular and popular podcasts, you will not only be invited to listen to some of the most enlightening conversations, you will also have the chance to participate as a featured guest to impart your own knowledge and learnings to the rest of the leapfrogging community.

Learn how to leapfrog

The Art of Leapfrogging is a process which is embedded in teaching and learning. As a member of the community, you will gain regular and timely updates on how to improve your ability to move forward, faster and with more impact.

Live Events

As a valued member of the leapfrogging community, you will get exclusive access to all our live and virtual events. Our Mastermind shows are just one example of how your membership will give you exclusive access to intimate soirées, designed to encourage deeper connections with like-minded people.

Leapfrog LinkedIn Group

The private forum exclusively for leapfroggers will give you the platform to connect, discuss ideas, brainstorm concepts and network to push you and your business to greater success.

Share your story

We reward your continued support by offering leapfroggers generous discounts to share their own individual stories. Apart from being featured in The Art of Leapfrogging, you can author your own book, using our dedicated team of professional writers, and designers. A personally authored book can establish
you as an expert in your sphere and promote your purpose to a wider audience.

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